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Case Studies

  • Cultural and Interpersonal Training




    The customer

    An IT major who's Manila Delivery Center is part of a global network of Solution Centers established to deliver technology to clients. The facility has more than 1,000 professionals who provide IT services to global customers.

    The need

    The Managers and Team Leaders of this IT Company provide services to their counterparts in other offices across the globe. In order to make each interaction meaningful and provide on-time service, there was a need to familiarise the team to the cultural nuances of their counterparts. This would also result in better interpersonal relationships that would help build rapport and create a collaborative environment.

    What we did

    Evolv studied the level of communication & engagement of the Managers & Team Leaders with their counterparts across the globe. A training program on Cross Cultural Communication was created to help participants understand how cultural differences can lead to differences in understanding a situation. Role-plays, simulating situations from their day-to-day interactions were created. Small group sessions and one-on-one sessions were conducted to encourage self-diagnosis through experiential learning.

    How it helped

    Participants experienced how cultural differences can lead to delays and conflicts that could have easily been avoided. They learned to probe for greater understanding and overcame their fear of asking for clarifications and facing up to the shortcomings. 

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