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Case Studies

  • Voice and Accent Training


    The client

    A BPO service provider in the Philippines catering to various banking entities around the globe. The company has credit card & mortgage processes, and caters mostly to Australian customers.

    The need

    In order to maintain consistent quality across the floor, the Filipino agents not only needed training on product / process, but also needed to be able to communicate effectively with customers. There was a need to neutralize their accent and train them on various customer interaction parameters, which would help them converse professionally with customers from Australia as well as other parts of the world.

    What we did

    Evolv studied the Filipino speech patterns by monitoring live and recorded calls of a sample of agents on the floor. The training program covered voice and accent, customer service, culture and listening comprehension. Filipino agents were helped to acquire a neutral accent by eliminating their speech idiosyncrasies and creating awareness of Australian idioms & speech nuances. Agents were also trained on Australian culture to help them relate better with the average Australian customer. The agents were trained, and then monitored when they hit the floor. Shop floor customer interactions were recorded and used during short burst refresher capsules to help agents relate with real-time environment and come up the curve faster.

    How it helped

    Performance was measured during training as well as the monitoring phase. The same assessment metric was used so that progress could be tracked and areas of concern / improvement for each agent were immediately given attention.

    Evolv monitoring scores were mapped with the Customer Satisfaction Scores for the agents. Focussed training inputs were given to the agents who were off the benchmark.

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