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Case Studies

  • Onboarding MTS



    Our client is a leading global provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human resource consulting and outsourcing. It operates 500 offices in 120 countries providing consulting, outsourcing, and insurance brokerage services with an employee base of more than 65,000 located worldwide.


    Business and Training Needs


    Our client manages benefits administration for its Fortune 500 clients. To run this portfolio, they have pivotal job roles in niche domains, each of which requires specialized domain training. Our client followed a complex process of hiring and training employees for up to 15 weeks (duration depending on the job role they were picked up for) before they could make these new hires productive at work.

    Also, due to seasonal peaks and troughs in work volume, attrition was high and this cycle of hiring and time to productivity had to be repeated in bulk almost every year. The carrying costs of this operation were high during training due to the extended time to productivity for these roles. Moreover, the L&D function was not able to focus on ongoing skill enhancement training due to this effort intensive onboarding training.




    Our client entered a unique partnership with NIIT in which NIIT took over the responsibility of hiring, training and assessing these job roles to provide job ready talent to our client that is productive from day one. NIIT trained these new hires in a residential program, increasing the number of training hours per day as well as number of training days per week, keeping the total program hours constant, yet completing the program in 50% of the time it used to take.


    Business Impact and Results


    Through the NIIT solution, our client was able to reduce the time to productivity for these job roles by nearly 50%. The customer does not carry costs for non-productive staff leading to a potential associated cost saving of over 20%. Also, the L&D function has managed to get time away from elementary onboarding training to focus on high-value ongoing training for up skilling the staff that is at risk of attrition. This has resulted in reduced attrition. Through this solution, our client has also improved the scalability of their training model since they are no longer constrained by training capacity to grow business.

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