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Case Studies

  • Retail Sales Professional Certification Program Management

    About Customer

    Our customer is an American multinational technology corporation headquartered in California, United States and the world's largest semiconductor chip maker based on revenue.

    Business Scenario

    Our customer required a training partner who could help them to increase the brand awareness and sales of their core products. The customer was looking for partnering with a provider of high repute and who had a strong reach in the market. The prime need of customer was to improve the performance of its channel sales. The long term goal of their business was to acquire maximum mindshare in the Indian market and to establish repeat business with its customers.

    In quest to provide sales and retail staff an opportunity to tap potential prospects to achieve more revenues and increase sales efficiency, the customer conceived a training roll-out plan that would be focused on their products and sales cycle. The solution was envisaged to be able to catch sales issues and poor knowledge of the new products / variants. It was also required to have a Program Management framework to ensure that training delivered is well received and practically applied in daily use by the customer’s sales force.

    Moreover, the business stakeholders wanted more time for their core activities and outsource the training. Hence they wanted to evaluate a few providers to be sure of the business partner that they would hire. Briefly, their evaluation parameters were focused to meet the following business goals:

            Increase the brand mindshare.

            Increase in sales and revenue and market share.

            Excellence in service delivery.


    Solution Offered

    The engagement between India Enterprise Learning Solutions and the customer started nearly 2 years ago. Leveraging its extensive experience working with large retails, we were able to create a scalable service mode for the customer.

    Our project team was well briefed on the customer’s needs and their challenges. A dedicated project team worked on the various phases of this solution which included services like Identification of Training Needs, Custom Content creation, Training Delivery, Training Administration and complete Program Management.

    After a study of the customer’s business in three locations, the need that was identified by our teams was discussed with the business stakeholders to create synergy between the training goals and business goals.

    The program is targeted at the Retail Sales Persons (RSP) working for Low touch point, High touch point stores, exclusive OEM stores, and large format retail points. RSPs are retail staff working from stores and showrooms attending a walk-in customer interested in purchasing a desktop, laptop or IT accessories.

    Major areas that were identified for meeting the business goals:

            Training of the distribution network on new hi-tech products, processors, new technology and features.

            Training on Sales for delivering an improved customer service.

    Our solution, Channel Services, was broadly devised into 5 steps. With an objective to enhance the business impact from their investment and optimize their costs through training Retail Sales Person (RSP) and Retail Executives (RE) and refocusing on core business through partnership, NIIT provided the following services::

            Channel Enablement training

    o  Product

    o  Sales

            Content Development and Courseware

            Training Delivery

    o  Technology

    o  Soft skills

            Training Administration

    •        Program Management



            Complete adherence to the training calendar

            Improved services – streamlined standardized training

            Rationalization of overall cost structure

            Sharpened focus

            Improved performance

            Higher brand visibility

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