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Quality Learning Content Achieves Results

Exceptional training programs start with quality content. The information you deliver is just as critical as how you deliver it. As every organization is different, so too are the unique needs of its learners. Some benefit more from instructor-led training, while other, more dispersed organizations require the flexibility of web-based training. Each organization will also have unique needs in terms of the subjects that training must cover. Regardless of the specifics, the ultimate measure of any organization’s performance is its long-term survival and growth. Organizations must constantly adapt both learning content and initiatives to remain competitive and innovative despite the environment.

NIIT's Learning Content development services provide you with the comprehensive, up-to-date content you need to stay competitive. Our unique approach to Learning Content helps organizations realize significant business benefits by focusing their investments in human performance. Recognizing that every organization harbors vastly different content needs, our goal is to provide you with fully customized solutions, enabling superior results time after time.

Our Learning Content Methodology: Critical Mistake Analysis

A key process in identifying and prioritizing training needs is the Critical Mistake Analysis methodology. This process leads to training that efficiently targets demonstrated business needs. Using a variant of Pareto Analysis (80/20 Rule), Critical Mistake Analysis identifies, classifies and prioritizes those crucial behaviors and mistakes that most impair performance in ways that matter to the business. Based on this analysis, we design real-world based training experiences that directly address these costly mistakes, rapidly delivering to learners a level of experience that would otherwise take years to accumulate.

The Critical Mistake Analysis data is also directly linked to measurement of the solution’s success. As part of the analysis process, a value is assigned to each mistake, providing the parameters for sound, ROI-based measurement.

Critical Mistake Analysis is an award winning methodology.

Types of Custom Content

Our background in training and custom content development for some of the world's leading organizations gives us the unmatched edge that clients need to address critical business issues in areas like:

  • Sales Readiness
  • Process and Systems Rollout
  • Channel Education
  • Compliance and Regulatory
  • Franchise Education
  • New Employee On-boarding
  • Customer Education
  • Targeted Job Roles

With more than 30 years in training and development, NIIT provides learning solutions that enable organizations to develop employees, support partners, and educate customers and students alike. Our custom Learning Content development services cover a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Assessment & Measurement
  • Learning Simulations and Games
  • Mobile Support
  • Multiple Language Localization
  • Social Learning
  • Video/ Rich Media Development

Learning Content development services are steeped in instructional design best practices, and a rigorous process that leads to superior courses delivered against predictable timelines.

Custom Learning Content Services include the following types:

  • Computer- and Web-Based Training Development:
  • compliant with leading industry standards such as AICC and SCORM, and offered on a range of domain, technology and delivery platforms.
  • Experience Based Learning/ Simulation-based courseware:
  • By designing a simulated experience directly addressing these costly mistakes, NIIT delivers the level of experience accumulated over years of on-the-job learning in only a few days of training, thereby maximizing a given employee's productivity and value as a business asset.

  • Content Conversion/ Localization: 
    NIIT converts legacy learning assets, enabling them to work on the web and harness its highest potential to educate, covering:
    • ILT to CBT: New media treatment and instructional strategies are applied to convert learning content to an interactive, self-paced learning format.
    • ILT to WBT: ILT learning content is converted to either synchronous or asynchronous WBT format using special facilitation and interaction strategies.
    • CBT to WBT: Conversion of existing web-based learning content to ensure compatibility with the chosen learning, and creation of interactive e-books and web-enabled manuals are some additional services we offer.
  • Instructor-Led Training Development:
  • NIIT recommends Instructor-led training for critical technical staff who are new to the organization or do not have the full support of skilled staff on the job.

Choose the partner with proven experience

NIIT has successfully managed the development of thousands of hours of web-based and instructor-led training materials for global corporations. The learning modalities we deliver are internally consistent, built according to instructional design best practices, and leveraging insights gained from more than 30 years in training and development.

NIIT’s unique approach to content development includes the use of global development centers and offshore development facilities and resources. Custom Learning Content development centers are located in the following areas:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Mumbai, India
  • Evanston, IL
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • New Delhi, India

Visit our library to read the stories of customers like KFC and Allstate who trust NIIT to provide a rich array of high-quality, cost effective learning experiences to enable customers, partners, employees and students alike, to master their day-to-day tasks and prepare for greater responsibilities.

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