Roll-out Solutions

Our roll-out training solutions are aimed at corporates where the need to adapt new technologies and approaches within the business environment is high. These training programs provide users confidence to quickly adapt to the changes and perform efficiently in real-time business environment.

Whether it is change management, performance management or implementing new enterprise software, our roll-out training provides solutions for all.


Our partnership model

Our custom Roll-out Training Services and Solutions are available as discreet modules that can be packaged together depending on your specific needs.


Categories offered under Roll-out solution

  • Application - Scalable implementation of new software and application in challenging business environment. 
  • Induction - ROI based training programs for making entry-level candidates deployment ready. 
  • Product - Pre-induction e-learning, online assessment, train-the-trainer, delivery and learning path for effective lowering of recruitment benchmarks and effective training.
  • Process - Training on new product launches and variants.


Key challenges

Most organisations face challenges in making their users successfully adapt new technologies and processes to perform well in their business environment.

  • Resistance from users. When an organisation decides to introduce technology or process means that users are expected to ‘change’ the way they currently perform certain tasks. Therefore, change management is a key component of technology or process introduction within the organization. The employees can feel more confident if the training scope includes behavioral change due to change in processes and practices.
  • Technology introduction does not have desired business impact. It is often observed that enforcement of technology changes within the organization do not get the desired business results. Ensuring business impact requires identification of the key tasks and its workflow, the mistakes that the users are likely to perform while doing their tasks. Users should then be proactively trained to avoid such mistakes and improve their overall efficiency.
  • Training model is not sustainable. Organisations find skill building interventions at the initial stage of roll-out easier than managing ongoing skill building for continuous enhanced usage of technology.

Our Solution 

Most organisations leverage their training partners to build skills in their users to adapt new technology and process changes within their business environment.

We offer bundle of services that are designed to maximise the business impact from technology and process introduction. The services include:




Custom Content Development

Our learning methodology is based on the principles of adult learning and has been developed with over a decade of research at Northwestern University. We leverage this robust methodology to develop role-based learning content.  

Optimised training time for each user.

Training Roll-out

We leverage our pan-India presence, learning technology (Synchronous Learning Technology and Learning Management System) and a large trainer pool to deliver training across India.

Cost effective simultaneous training delivery across locations in India.



  • End-to-end solution or select services
  • Speed of Roll-out: Technology and process needs within the organisations are often finalized just-in-time. We help to address the need for a rapid development of content and training to a large audience quickly. 
  • Confidence of stakeholders: We ensure that business stakeholders are convinced that their users are confident and skilled to start using new technologies and processes.
  • Change Management: We focus our training program to cover behavioral changes due to change in processes and practices.
  • Effectiveness: Our programs create a balance between the speed of development and effectiveness of learning content. 
  • Cost: Our operating model keeps the customer’s business in mind by ensuring training as part of the overall project budget. We provide cost-effective development methodology and delivery mechanism to our clients.







Managed Training Services (MTS)