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We thank India Enterprise Learning Solutions for their efforts and excellent training delivered by their team on MS Excel 2010.

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CC&C Solutions internationally popular TOGAF® 9.1 course

Program Overview

The purpose of certification for TOGAF® 9.1 Level 2, known as TOGAF® 9.1 Certified, is to provide validation that in addition to the knowledge and comprehension of TOGAF® 9.1 Foundation, the Candidate is able to analyze and apply this knowledge. The learning objectives at this level therefore focus on application and analysis in addition to knowledge and comprehension.


  • This covers both level 1 and level 2 of TOGAF® 9 certification - Exam voucher for the TOGAF® 9 combined part 1 and part 2 certification exam would be provided
  • Practical examples and real life war stories
  • Thorough preparation for the external certification exam
  • Take away checklists and ready to use templates
  • Comprehensive case study exercises to augment TOGAF® theory
  • This is a unique opportunity to directly learn TOGAF® 9.1 and Enterprise Architecture from the experts
  • This is a top-quality program and CC&C has a great track record training thousands of professionals in TOGAF® across the world

Topics Covered

  • ADM phases
  • Architecture Governance
  • TOGAF Architecture Content Framework
  • Building Blocks
  • Stakeholder Management Technique
  • TOGAF Content Metamodel
  • TOGAF recommended Techniques
  • Key Deliverables
  • Partitioning
  • Architecture Repository
  • Iteration and different levels of architecture
  • Adapt the ADM for security
  • Adapt the ADM for the SOA style of architecture
  • Architecture maturity models
  • Architecture Skills Framework



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