Advisory Services

We help learning functions transform to Run Training Like a Business. All companies seek to improve the effectiveness of their people and the efficiency of their talent development system. A growing number are finding that engaging a Managed Training Services provide like NIIT generates better results at lower cost with more flexibility than going it alone.

While our Advisory Services practice conducts a breadth of engagements, our core offering is an Opportunity Assessment that helps a company analyse its current talent development system and explore options for improvement. We determine the results, strengths, and opportunities of the “as is” approach, envision options for “to be” approaches, and quantify the business case for transformation. The result is a plan to create measurable business impact.

We conduct Opportunity Assessments in a variety of areas such as:

  • Source-Train-Hire: Developing “job ready” staff for entry-level job roles.
  • Channel Development: Maximizing the effectiveness of channel development, including product rollouts.
  • BPO Performance Enhancement: Improving the performance of a BPO workforce

Our focused Opportunity Assessments identify and articulate the business case for change. For current clients, we also offer a variety of other engagements to tackle issues such as, e.g., defining learning governance or conducting performance analyses to untangle knotty business issues.



Managed Training Services (MTS)