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FC Pat

May 20,2016

Sharing an in-depth write-up by Financial Chronicle, leading financial daily of the Deccan Chronicle group, on NIIT’s transformation towards growth and profitability in H1 of FY 15-16.

During an hour long interaction with D Govardan, Bureau Chief of Financial Chronicle, Pat touches on the Business Transformation that is being witnessed across three business lines of NIIT – CLG, SCG and SLG, and how this is driving profitability for our Company.

Crystal gazing into the future, the paper quotes Rahul Patwardhan as:

“…right now, unlike the retail sector, where the Flipkarts and Snapdeals had an Amazon to look up to and plan it the Indian way, there is no such player in the education industry. There is no proven online technology player who is successful in the full sense of the world. NIIT, because of its brand, wider presence across corporate, schools and in reaching out to individuals, has a great opportunity to emerge as the leader and be that player in this segment.”

Click here to go through the complete interview.

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