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News@NIIT CIO Research Case Study

May 20,2016

Strengthening our credentials as a strong EdTech Company, we are pleased to share with you yet another industry endorsement for NIIT, by leading research body under the aegis of the CIO group.

NIIT has been featured by the CIO Research center as, amongst the world’s leading skills and talent development corporations. The CIO Research Case Study highlights NIIT.tv as a truly disruptive technology, which would make learning and skill development truly accessible for all. It also talks about NIIT’s, blended learning models of — combining brick learning centers with online learning capabilities and synchronous learning technology — to impart training.

The CIO Research Center is a platform providing in-depth research, analytics and advisory services to CIOs and Technologists. They are focused on helping CIOs make the right technology decisions, both strategic and tactical.

Speaking about the motivation behind NIIT.tv, Udai Singh, Chief Strategy Officer, said, “At NIIT, we believe that learning is not a one-time event; it’s an ongoing process. The ability and agility to learn and constantly evolve as a professional is critical.”

Udai also mentioned that NIIT.tv was born out of this belief, with the team wanting to create a platform that would engage an individual through a lifelong journey of learning.

The Case Study was also made available at the social media platform by CIO Research Center.



Please click here to read the Case Study.

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