About MTS

What Are Managed Training Services?

Managed Training Services from NIIT are a suite of training processes designed to deliver more relevant training while optimizing the business impact of (and control over) training, so executives and educators can focus on their core businesses. NIIT has the connections, resources, and technology to deliver training when, where, and how it is needed, with a pool of industry experts in more than 44 countries—and learning solutions delivered online, in the classroom, or in virtual environments.

Managed Training Services can reduce organizations’ training costs by 20 percent to 30 percent and help employees, customers, partners and students become more productive to sell better, produce faster, or stay with a program long enough to graduate. MTS is a flexible and scalable solution in which organizations outsource a combination of training elements to NIIT, according to their needs, business goals, and a thorough assessment of their current situations.

Flexible, Customized and Comprehensive Training Solutions

NIIT uses proven, value-creating methodologies to compose and deliver the elements of MTS, which are available 24/7 across the globe in a variable costing model:

Strategic Assessments help NIIT clients solve business problems through targeted focus on achieving business results. Through these services, NIIT enables clients to better align learning with business results, systematically increase the impact of the solutions they produce, and provide world-class solutions to specific business needs. Our preliminary advisory services provide clients with:

  • A comprehensive analysis of their current training environment
  • A detailed picture of the required future state of training to achieve business goals
  • A business case, including the transformational, operational, technological, and economic plans needed for achieving the desired future state

Learning Content is highly customizable. Each organization has unique needs in terms of the subjects that training must cover and the delivery format that training will take. NIIT’s approach to custom content development includes the use of global development centers and offshore development facilities and resources. The learning modalities we deliver are internally consistent, built according to instructional design best practices, and leverage insights gained from more than 30 years in the training business. NIIT also provides needs assessment, gaps analysis, and curriculum reconfiguration (or design and development) to help ensure those clients get just the right learning content to create maximum business impact.

Learning Delivery solves complex business issues to free clients from the high cost and resource management demands that result from dynamically changing learning requirements. Because learning solutions are our only business, NIIT maintains a massive talent base that can scale up and down on demand and can remain fluid with whatever learning delivery method is required: on-site classroom trainers, online faculty and mentoring, and fully managed application/process rollout services. NIIT has also developed a number of learning architectures rooted in our principles of instructional design. These architectures promote learning by doing, and incorporate advice from experts from around the world.

Learning Technology offers a diverse set of technology-based learning tools and services that reliably support every learning solution. NIIT offers robust, global hosting technology services and sophisticated facilities provisioning that support every aspect of the learning technology infrastructure. NIIT can quickly deploy, host, and support nearly any combination of learning technology to deliver efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Learning Administration is a turn-key program, performed under the most demanding SLAs, that combines both technology systems and dedicated customer service support teams to provide the most robust administration possible. Because we understand that efficient administration is critical to taking a company’s learning strategy to a reality, we strive to not just deliver operations support but also build long-term relationships and integrated learning solutions that help our clients grow their businesses. Learning administration covers vendor, catalog, class, and delivery management, plus many other categories. NIIT Learning Administration also includes:

Demand Generation Services, which leverage an intelligent marketing platform technology tightly coupled and integrated with customer relationship management software and call center operations to employ a campaign management methodology that is proven to increase ROI, prove the value of marketing, and ultimately drive revenue by improving marketing effectiveness. *Available to Technology and Telecommunications Companies Only

From Assessment through Implementation and Governance: Transform Your Business

With Managed Training Services, NIIT takes over ownership, execution, and accountability for certain training processes. To determine the particular combination of processes that will give each organization maximum business impact, NIIT offers an assessment at the beginning of the Managed Training Services engagement. During this strategic assessment NIIT works with an organization’s stakeholders to map our capabilities to that client's specific needs and:

  • Reviews each client’s current training and service delivery model, then reconciles what business leaders expect from training with the people capabilities each business requires—according to business leaders and staff themselves.
  • Makes recommendations for change and suggests an implementation strategy that takes advantage of “low hanging fruit” (opportunities to increase the impact of learning and/or reduce costs). Typically, we uncover a set of such opportunities during the assessment process.
  • The ongoing governance phase, which is part of our larger Business Management System, is essential to our clients for realizing business value. NIIT uses a scalable Tiered Governance Organization Structure designed in collaboration with our clients to manage processes and people, to help deliver maximum business value.

The Benefits of Managed Training Services

Managed Training Services provide customized, end-to-end training processes that can support tightly defined and targeted processes through comprehensive global programs for any learner constituency. NIIT’s objective is to make every aspect of our client's businesses:

  • More efficient
  • More financially effective
  • Better aligned with both top level strategic objectives and on-the-ground tactical requirements

These capabilities add up to true business value, delivered by a partner committed to helping clients leverage their investments to reach their business goals, whether they are to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve productivity
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce cycle times

Organizations that are ready to make training more relevant and effective may download our ebook, Transforming the Training Organization to learn more about how Managed Training Services can help organizations reduce costs, improve agility, and drive quantifiable business impact from more targeted and efficient training.



Managed Training Services (MTS)