Our MTS Model

Why Managed Training Services from NIIT?

We know that you have a choice in training outsourcing partners.

NIIT is not just committed to providing leadership in education and training—we are founded on those principles. Our decades of experience and award winning methodologies ensure that quality; program efficacy and business savvy results are core to what we provide our global clientele. But awards and methodologies are only part of the story. What really drives NIIT to be the best in the business is our relentless pursuit ofaccelerating business impact through learning and education for each and every one of our clients – large and small – around the world.

Training as Our Only Business

NIIT is in the business of training, so we understand the entire process, from strategic assessments through learning administration and customer satisfaction. In this way, we can offer solutions that fit our clients’ needs. Not a day goes by without us asking ourselves how we can deliver training services faster, less expensively, or to higher result.

Training is not a sideline, it’s what we do—and all that we do. In fact, among Top Training Companies, NIIT is the only comprehensive learning outsourcing provider on the list

Our entire organization is focused solely on helping our clients to use training and education to produce business results. We are delighted to meet your organization’s needs today and grow and scale with you as your requirements dictate. Flexibility, accountability, capability and passion are requirements in today’s fast-paced business environment. NIIT meets these requirements everyday with our clients and we love it.

A Partner with Deep Experience, Committed to Providing Business Value

The robust capabilities and our rooted commitment that, when combined with more than three decades experience in implementing large scale engagements, has allowed NIIT to not only deliver improved learning services and delivery operations for a number of companies around the world, but also increase the impact of training and their associated costs.

We’ve been proud to partner with industry heavy weights and some of the world’s best known brands. These organizations have chosen to work with us for a variety of reasons, however in management reviews and customer interactions 5 key themes emerge.

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Global Reach
  • Innovation Quality
  • Price/Value Equation
  • Technology as an Enabler of Learning

#1 Customer Satisfaction

NIIT has been lauded for delivering ‘client delight’. Most recently, Client Opinions research the “Diamond Dashboard Training Outsourcing” report cited “NIIT excels among clients”. HRO Today magazine’s Baker’s Dozen, the annual survey of outsourcing buyers, recognized NIIT as Best in Customer Satisfaction Provider.

In each instance, NIIT was recognized by customers for supporting:

  • Value
  • Revenue Growth
  • Productivity
  • Breadth of Services
  • Profitability
  • Low Cycle Times
  • High Quality Services and Solutions

We’ve serviced dozens of market leading companies from a variety of vertical markets, geographies and sizes, and continue to earn their business and their trust year after year.

#2 Innovation and Quality

Innovation is much more than a interesting buzzword at NIIT. We have a proven track record of continuous improvement, delivering business impact and changing the industry. In our pursuit to offer thought leadership and effective solutions to move business forward, NIIT constantly researches next generation solutions, with cost-effective ways to solve our clients’ problems—not just in the new areas, but in everyday service delivery.

  • Cognitive Arts®, an NIIT organization, changed the way content is developed when it launched it Critical Mistakes Analysis instructional design methodology.
  • We build quality and continuous improvement into training processes for flexibility and stability, overseen by dedicated governance teams. As an example, we partnered with Hitachi Data Systems to help build a training delivery team to support fluctuations in training demand with a variable cost model that enabled expansion of training delivery.

#3 Global Reach

True global scale that keeps pace with Fortune 500 business requirements that expand and contract with ever shortening cycles takes more than a good ‘network’. It requires rock solid reliability to deliver unmatched quality, precision when the pressure is on, and the track record and maturity to manage change, challenges and surprises without missing a beat.

Our enormous team of scholars, technicians, instructors, subject matter experts and learning solutions professionals is staffed with highly skilled learning and education experts along with and seasoned-tested-partners that support our clients around the clock. This team strength allows NIIT the agility to flex, expand, contract and spike as needed while being able to respond to virtually any learning or education issue around the globe. Because we know time of the essence, we do this with speed, precision – and excellence in execution so that your strategy needs can be meet even in the most demanding business situations.

#4 Technology as an Enabler of Learning

NIIT seeks to benefit humankind through pioneering the effective deployment of technology to help people learn. In fact, our & intent in creating NIIT was to successfully bring people and computers together, as we did through the HiWel project.
Our clients trust us to help them use technology as key support for training in their industries. What we do with technology is what counts; for example, NIIT identified not just the technology but also the training-culture elements that had to change in order to bring success in its Yum! Brands/KFC virtual training solution (listen to a podcast about the solution).

#5 A Superb Price/Value Equation

There can be no substitute for a superb price value equation. It takes more than just the latest technologies to give enterprises and learning organizations the business impact they need from training. NIIT’s approach to training is based on reducing costs through the creation of business value, so our clients realize:

  • Faster time-to-market and quicker employee on-boarding, as with our client Diageo.
  • NIIT designed a modular, interactive, and goal-oriented training program to educate employees on internal information systems within 7 days, resulting in a 50% reduction in service desk calls and 33% more productivity per new employee.
  • Better-aligned solutions delivered by performance-improving training partners.
  • Effective custom solutions.
  • More convenient self-study and blended delivery options, thanks to our resource network and understanding of technology and training, as demonstrated by our work with Computer Associates.
  • Clarity on training results through regular monitoring and reports from our training-process governance teams.

Why Go with NIIT?

Known worldwide as one of the top 5 providers of Managed Training Services offerings, NIIT offers more than 30 years of experience in education and training. As a learning services company, we are unique in our focus on creating value, our process-driven improvement and innovation, and our passion about training. We have received industry recognition as a valued partner for excellence in learning, along with earning ISO 9001 certifications in core technologies to best serve our clients.

NIIT’s approach to Managed Training Services is to work closely with an organization to:

  • Uncover the true cost of training so that organizations can begin to manage the entire amount while reducing future costs.
  • Identify the training content, technologies, and delivery that will have the most positive business impact through proven techniques such as Critical Mistake Analysis.
  • Manage the solution and gather metrics that measure the resulting improvements to the bottom line.

Managed Training Services for Enterprises

With today’s intense focus on cost management, profitability, and shareholder value, organizations cannot afford to ignore any opportunity for savings … certainly not one as large as talent development including training, which is millions of dollars per year in most companies. Developing human capital efficiently and effectively is one of the few sources of sustained competitive advantage still remaining for leading companies. Increasingly, organizations are making the paradigm shift and finding ways to drive business processes within the human resource organization.

For nearly three decades, NIIT has been a leader in training outsourcing. NIIT has now developed an innovative outsourcing offering, Managed Training Services (MTS) which allows organizations to optimize investments in training and development to extract maximum and tangible value. Our suite of MTS comprises best-in-class services that enable our clients to reduce costs, embrace change, and drive real, quantifiable business impact.
With MTS from NIIT, you can transfer the accountability and responsibility for one or more training processes to NIIT in an outsourcing partnership in a way that ensures:

  • Sharpened Focus to Accelerate Strategic Business Goals
  • Improved and Measurable Business Impact
  • Reduced Costs and Tangible Returns on HR Investments

By consolidating all of your training activities with an MTS solution, you will not only reap the benefits of optimized services, economies of scale, less staff hours consumed by training, and conversion of fixed training costs into variable, you’ll also see real return on your human capital investments. To learn more about MTS, download our brochure here or read our executive whitepaper series on Training Transformation.

Optimizing Training for Alignment to Business Needs

When it comes to developing human capital, technology companies, universities, and publishers have long been accustomed to ‘doing more with less’ as they seek effective, efficient ways to train their workforces, educate their students, and sustain their competitive advantage. Companies spend millions of dollars each year on training and development initiatives for customers, partners, and employees, yet many do not have a way to definitively measure whether trainings meeting the requirements of their business and how it impacts the company
Organizations can employ a strategic assessment to obtain clear picture of the current state of the business, the data to prioritize goals, and a roadmap for getting to the desired state. A Strategic Assessment is a key component of the planning process in order to obtain better, more strategic results by enabling companies to accurately evaluate current outcomes, triggers and root causes for them.

Strategic Assessments also provide the business case for training organizations to retool or completely redesign their learning capability to the extent that is needed to create a high return on investment in the future. This is a critical step when embarking on a managed training partnership, to ensure that clients will get the most out of the learning programs being managed.

The Strategic Assessment is an advisory service that provides for clients:

  • A comprehensive analysis of their current training environment.
  • A detailed picture of the required future state of training to achieve business goals.
  • A business case, including the transformational, operational, technological and economic plans needed for achieving the desired future state.




Managed Training Services (MTS)