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Time & Stress Management

This program teaches practical tools and includes discussion, group activities and applied exercises. Various approaches to time management such as the urgent/important matrix, innovative interactive training techniques and models are used. The focus of the program is to help participants manage their commitments to make best use of their time. The program seamlessly transitions into Stress Management as an important tool to manage and create time.

  Time Management Skills
Planning & Prioritisation

This program will help your employees identify things they do in a day, what are the most important tasks to do and what are those issues thatthey can set aside for later or delegate to someone else.

  Time Management Skills
Business Etiquette

This workshop is aimed at working professionals keen on improving their etiquette skills and professional image. This program will focus on essential skills that professionals need to distinguish themselves and make a positive impact, in their work and social lives. Business etiquette training program will equip your team with the tools to win in today's challenging corporate market and it will also improve your client's first impression.

  Time Management Skills
Campus to Corporate

This program is aimed at new joinees from the campus.  At the commencement of the program the participant will get an understanding on the corporate culture and the ability to navigate various situations. The participants shall improve their etiquette skills and professional image. This interactive program will focus on essential skills that professionals need to distinguish themselves and make a positive impact on their work and social lives.

  Time Management Skills
Creativity & Problem Solving

This challenging yet highly entertaining program revisits many of the thinking skills that lie dormant in an average person. This program explores various kinds of individual and group problem solving approaches and various thinking patterns. The program identifies the learning methods of breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. The participants will be introduced to different creative problem solving techniques to encourage creative efforts in themselves and others. This program features various activities and exercises to enhance participant’s learning experience.

  Time Management Skills
Stress Management

The program is designed to analyse how stress impacts all of us in our professional lives. This program helps to gain insight into how to manage and reduce stress that we encounter as we reach towards our professional goals and will allow us to attain success without being detrimental about our health and motivation levels. This training will provide participants with tools and techniques that will assist in curtailing stress in their own lives as well as facilitating a stress free work environment.

  Time Management Skills
Information Skills

This program is helpful for employees who need to digest huge numbers of documents, data and reports just to do the job, as well as assimilating all the information they need to keep up-to-date in their field. This program is structured in a manner that they get practical tools to increase their level of efficacy and reduce the time taken to assimilate information.

  Time Management Skills
Emotional Intelligence

The course is designed to increase the participant's mastery of emotional intelligence in order to increase their own effectiveness and to support others to develop EQ. It focuses on teaching participants how to handle their emotions and gear them towards a positive outcome. The course talks about how to respond proactively and communicate more effectively.

  Time Management Skills
Time Management

This program teaches you to manage your time in an efficient and effective manner. Through highly interactive learning, participants will learn to apply easy to use tools for more effective planned use of time. More significantly though, they will learn to apply them in numerous other ways to get more of what is important to them done in less time, both on and off the job.

  Time Management Skills



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