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  Soft Skills Training Courses
Customer Service

Developing excellent customer service skills is of utmost importance for the overall image and success of your organisation. It can lead to repeat business as well as recommendations. This program is designed to help participants learn the skills to communicate positively and professionally with customers — both internal and external and build a good relationship with them. Our program presents the most effective tactics for overcoming customer dissatisfaction by helping participants develop a personal action plan to improve their customer service skills. We offer strategies that employees can use to achieve a win-win situation for both, their companies and their customers.


  Time Management Skills


The program is aimed at developing the skills of payment collectors through methods that prove useful in collection calls; using effective communication, identifying obstacles and overcoming them. The program helps organisations increase their collection rates as well  as enable the participants to apply tools and techniques for securing payment from their customers in a professional manner.



  Time Management Skills
Training Dynamics/ Facilitation Skills

This program equips participants with a structured approach to the planning, conduct and follow-up of facilitated workshops. Several facilitation techniques and processes are taught and guidelines are provided on 'why, when and how' to use them. Throughout the course attention is focused on the effective management of the people dynamics. Participants will learn how to recognize group dynamics and motivations through dialogue, feedback and consensus building.  


  Time Management Skills

This program enables participants to improve his/her listening skills, prospecting technique, develop their individual style to be able to contact decision-makers. After attending the program, participants shall be in a position to successfully uncover prospect needs so they can match product or service benefits and features to those needs. It also helps him/her to overcome barriers to selling and  to draft professional questions gain the prospects commitment to the call objective. The participants are trained to become experts at asking professional and credible questions - and then motivate the buyer with crisp and targeted messages. 

  Time Management Skills
Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an innate quality of humans. As a professional it is important to understand different perspectives and negotiate effectively and stay principled. Negotiations can be related to sales, debt, contracts, buying, salary, employment and any other business dealings. The program trains the participants to negotiate with confidence to achieve effective and satisfying agreements. The participants will be able to focus on the key aspects and rules of successful negotiation including arguments and counter arguments, fall-back positions, creative and collaborative solutions and alternatives to agreement.

  Time Management Skills

This program aims to enable the participant to sell consistently and build relationships, thereby improving sales revenue and profit margins.In the program they shall get an overview of the buying and selling process, inputs to match products and solutions to customers’ individual needs and tactics to gain customer commitment to the next step. Training areas covered in this program include setting goals, presentation skills, negotiation skills, to deal with objective and to gain trust.

  Time Management Skills
Interviewing Skills

This program helps the managers learn the skills to prepare for and conduct an effective selection interview. The prpgram includes how to prepare, conduct, and follow-up an interview. This will make the participant aware about the interview process, from obtaining an invitation to an interview to follow-up after the interview. The participants shall be able to understand the employer's perspective, proper interview demeanor, including listening and answering, asking questions, effective communication and negotiating. 

  Time Management Skills



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