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Functional Skills


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Negotiation Skills

Program Overview

Negotiation is an innate quality of humans. As a professional it is important to understand different perspectives and negotiate effectively and stay principled. Negotiations can be related to sales, debt, contracts, buying, salary, employment and any other business dealings. The program trains the participants to negotiate with confidence to achieve effective and satisfying agreements. The participants will be able to focus on the key aspects and rules of successful negotiation including arguments and counter arguments, fall-back positions, creative and collaborative solutions and alternatives to agreement.


  • An introduction : The Art of negotiation
  • Styles of negotiation
  • Prepare for a negotiation
  • Process of negotiation: Its stages 
  • Formulate an Agreement
  • The importance of communication in negotiation
  • Ethics and tactics in negotiation
  • Cross-cultural dynamics

Who should attend?

This program is for anyone who has to negotiate business agreements with others. 



Learning Objectives


The program will enable participants to:


  • Handle conflicts and break deadlocks.
  • Understand dynamics of negotiations.
  • Understand different styles of negotiation, their impact, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Develop skills and strategies to take the upper hand in negotiation.
  • Understand the collaborative approach in negotiation.
  • Persuade as well as resist persuasion.
  • Design a Negotiation using ICON and 4D approach.
  • Open a negotiation, present, argue your case and close agreements.
  • Formulate BATNA and ZOPA for themselves.
  • Understand the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in a negotiation setting and following ethics.
  • Practice effective questioning techniques.
  • Construct rules and guidelines for negotiation.
  • Recognize ways to manage cultural differences while negotiating.


Delivery Method

Instructor-led classroom training led by an NIIT certified Instructor.



Managed Training Services (MTS)