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  Soft Skills Training Courses
Leadership Skills

This program is tailored to help the participant make the transition from an individual contributor to an effective leader. The goal is to give managers and supervisors the leadership skills to survive and excel in the business world. They will learn valuable strategies thereby making themselves more productive and better capable to lead others. During the training they will discover their own unique leadership style and learn how to maximise that style and use it to their best advantage. This highly interactive and essential training, features regular participant activity, along with mini-case studies and role-plays, to enhance the participant’s learning experience.

  Time Management Skills
Conflict Resolution

This program examines conflict styles and allows participants to analyse their own behavior patterns. At the end of the program the participants will find new and effective techniques for managing conflict and develop coping strategies to deal with difficult people and difficult situations. This training program involves the use of activities, role plays and case studies for a comprehensive learning experience. 

  Time Management Skills
Team Management

This program will help the participants gain a clear insight into their roles as team leaders and acquire competencies to manage and lead teams. The objective of the program is to provide participants necessaryskills which can help them to guide their team efficiently. The participant will be able to understand the team's needs, the expectations of his organisation and situations in which the participant acts as anintermediary between the two. This highly interactive training features regular participant activity, along with case studies and role-plays, to enhance the participant’s learning experience.

  Time Management Skills
Team Building

This program aims to help participants recognise the importance of teamwork and teach them how to create bonds within teams. The participants also discover that diversity is their greatest asset and trust, cooperation and effective communication are the key to a team’s success. The activities in this program are designed to motivate the participants to pool their talents and perform to the best of their ability, both individually and as team players. The program further helps participant’s build a strong camaraderie among team members and to develop an enthusiasm to take initiative and lead. 

  Time Management Skills
Delegation Skills

This program is designed to help participants master the art of delegation by overcoming the fears that prevent people from engaging in this activity. The training deals with delegation principles and process, the barriers to effective delegation and how to use delegation to empower and motivate staff. Partcipants will also develop their own personal action plan to improve and fine tune their delegation skills.

  Time Management Skills



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