Implementation Essentials (CON 201)

Program Overview

This three-day program is the core training that enables your success with CRM. In this program, you will learn best practices on how to implement CRM using process maps, important design considerations, key reporting metrics, and data management and migration strategies. This program focuses on implementation practices of the core Salesforce CRM applications, including:

  • Salesforce CRM Marketing
  • Salesforce CRM SFA
  • Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support


Implementing Salesforce CRM Marketing for consultants seeking to learn marketing implementation concepts to:

  • Drive new business
  • Align Sales and Marketing
  • Manage reports and campaigns to measure
  • Marketing ROI
  • Plan for data migration, integration, and advanced marketing concepts

Students will participate in exercises to learn how to:

  • Plan for requirements gathering
  • Develop a lead-generation strategy
  • Design a lead handoff process
  • Design an effective campaign structure
  • Leverage campaigns to maximize marketing

Implementing SalesForce CRM SFA For consultants seeking to learn SFA implementation concepts to:

  • Build a strong pipeline
  • Manage the funnel
  • Improve sales rep productivity
  • Obtain full visibility with reports and dashboards
  • Extend solution with advanced features, AppExchange applications, and other Salesforce CRM applications
  • Students will participate in exercises to learn how to:
  • Plan a project kickoff
  • Generate a list of discovery questions for requirements gathering
  • Design a lead management process
  • Design a sales funnel
  • Design a custom SFAsolution
  • Application Essentials

Before setting up any application, consultants must learn to:

  • Set up a secure environment
  • Optimize usability for client adoption
  • Set up data management practices to ensure trusted data quality
  • Provide full visibility with reports and dashboards
  • Understand the advanced concepts, applications and customizations available to complement a CRM solution
  • Students will participate in exercises to learn how to:
  • Modify existing security settings
  • Design home pages that minimize clicks to get to data
  • Create a data migration plan

Who should attend?

Implementation Essentials was designed by consultants, for consultants looking for an introduction to implementing Salesforce CRM applications. This program is also useful for certified administrators and developers looking for implementing best practices and strategies.



A sound understanding of Salesforce CRM navigation and the Salesforce Certified Administrator credential.

Delivery Method

Instructor-led classroom training led by a Salesforce Certified Instructor



Managed Training Services (MTS)