Visualforce, Apex, and DaaS (DEV 501)

Program Overview

This five-day Salesforce certification program is perfect for Salesforce developers who want a deep dive into capabilities to build and deploy applications. This hands-on program covers Visualforce, the Apex programming language and development as a service (DaaS), which provides a rich development environment, team development and debugging best practices and powerful deployment capabilities.


Development as a Service (DaaS)

  • Compare DaaS with App Builder for managing multiteam and multiproject development initiatives
  • Set up the development environment with the IDE
  • Use the IDE schema browser to set up org configurations and test SOQL and
  • SOSL queries
  • Use the IDE to deploy org configurations from one environment to another
  • Set up team-based development techniques by integrating the IDE into a version control system
  • Use Code Share to open projects from source control, check and modify files, and merge file changes back into a repository
  • Manage multiteam and multiproject development initiatives with
  • Analyze usage of Sandbox environments in development projects

Visualforce Pages

  • Learn about the capabilities of the Visualforce framework
  • Incorporate Visualforce pages into Salesforce
  • Construct expression bindings and incorporate Salesforce into Visualforce pages with
  • Visualforce tags
  • Use Visualforce tags to create page layouts, input forms, output tables, custom components, and more
  • Create partial page refreshes on JavaScript events
  • Learn about the functionality that comes with Visualforce standard controllers
  • Find out when to move to Apex for creating custom controllers or extensions


  • Learn about Apex features compared to other programming languages
  • Learn about use cases for which Apex is a good solution
  • Learn about Apex access modifiers
  • Learn about available Apex object types
  • Learn about types of collections
  • Learn the syntax for including SOQL queries within Apex
  • Write SOQL for loops to handle bulk data
  • Learn about the two types of DML statements
  • Use limit statements
  • Learn about the Save execution order and when “before” and “after” Apex triggers fire
  • Learn about the types of governor limits and contexts
  • Code Apex triggers to handle bulk data
  • Create a unit test for a previous class, using assertion methods, and run a test
  • Write a Web services class
  • Consume an external WSDL and access it through Apex
  • Learn the arguments to send an email from Apex
  • Create a Salesforce email domain and code a class to consume email

Visualforce Controllers

  • Explore the functionality of each Visualforce standard controller
  • Code custom controllers and extensions
  • Use testing, debugging, and deploying controllers capabilities
  • Learn the basics of testing controllers vs. regular Apex classes

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for those familiar with the declarative capabilities of the platform who want to expand into Apex and Visualforce and to understand the capabilities of the development-as-a-service (DaaS) offering.



It is recommended, but not required, that participants complete DEV 401 Essentials and/or become a Certified Developer before attending this class.

Delivery Method

Instructor-led classroom training by a Salesforce Certified Instructor



Managed Training Services (MTS)