Informatica Data Quality 9.0.1

Program Overview

This four-day Informatica Training Program introduces the student to the Informatica 9 Workbench through lecture and hands-on exercises. The program is designed for all users who are new to Informatica Data Quality.


Informatica Analyst 9

  • Analyst GUI
  • Metadata and Data
  • access/import
  • Column profiling
  • Frequency/Patterns/Statistics/Drill downs
  • Rule profiling
  • Out of the box rules
  • Custom rules
  • Reference tables management
  • Project collaboration
  • Data quality Score-carding

Informatica Developer 9

  • Developer GUI
  •  Developer Profiling includes:
    • Mid-stream profiling
    • Join analysis profiling
  • Building Data Quality mapplets and Rules
  • Data standardization
  • Data cleansing and parsing validate addresses
  • Identify duplicate records
  • Associate and consolidate matched records
  • Work with the Data Quality assistant


Who should attend?

Suitable candidates for this informatica certification program are:

  • New users of Informatica 9, including Business and Data Analysts
  • Data Quality Specialists and Developers and information consumers


  • Knowledge of working in Windows GUI

Learning Objectives

After completing this program you should be able to:

  • Perform Column and Rule Profiling, Reference Table Management, Informatica Data Quality score-cards, Standardization routines to cleanse and enrich data, Address validation, identification of duplicate records
  • Implement Automatic and manual consolidation of records and Parameterization
  • Be able to navigate through the Informatica Analyst and Developer 9 Tools
  • Cover Metadata and Data Access/Import
  • Perform column and rule profiling
  • Learn how to manage reference tables (RTM)
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Perform Data Quality Score-carding
  • Perform Developer Profiling including Join Analysis and Mid-Stream Profiling
  • Design and develop Data Quality mapplets and rules

Delivery Method

Public classroom training led by an Informatica Instructor



Managed Training Services (MTS)