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  Jaspreet Singh
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Customized (Telecom)

We believe that training requirements are always individual in nature. One standard course may not always be suitable for everyone everywhere. With our expertise in competence gap analysis and course content development, we are able to offer the flexibility of customized courses. With our team of expert content creators and trainers we offer courses tailored exactly the way you need them. Following are just a few examples of the same.

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Telecom Fundamentals  
UMTS & LTE Combined
  • Understand the concept of UMTS networks & its architecture, LTE, LTE Network Architecture & list of NE involved
  • Understand the basic WCDMA concepts & its differences with other radio access technologies
  • Understand the basic procedures that occur during a call
  • Knows the basic core network architecture & signaling used in the different releases of UMTS networks
  • Air Interface & Traffic management in LTE
Understanding Transmission in LTE
  • Understand LTE Transmission overview
  • Understand different scenarios deployed in LTE network
  • Understand the basic of MPLS Technology
  • Understand different QoS techniques in LTE networks



Managed Training Services (MTS)