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UMTS is an umbrella term for the third generation radio technologies developed within 3GPP. While it does include WCDMA on the radio access side, it’s not all about radio. It also includes an evolved version of predecessor core network from 2nd generation. Core networks are becoming more and more access-agnostic these days. To complement the data rates further enhancements were done in UMTS with technologies like HSDPA, HSUPA and HSPA+. Further UMTS has evolved in next generation as LTE-EPC. Our courses for UMTS cover from Fundamentals to most advanced concepts in UMTS. We have paid special attention during the design and preparation of these courses to cover all the changes that have happened in UMTS over the different releases.

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Core Network Signalling

Signaling is the key component managing and troubleshooting the Switch Core Network of GSM/UMTS. In this course we shall have clear understanding of various signaling protocols used over different interfaces in Switch Core Network.

Packet Core Network Signalling

Signaling plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining the sessions of the user packet data. This course helps the participants to understand its significance in Packet Core network. The course also helps us understand various protocols which are used over different interfaces in the Packet Core network. This course also gives and insight to the Mobility Management and Session Management procedures.

UMTS Air-Interface

The wireless connectivity provided by the WCDMA networks (UMTS 3G) is good for high speed throughput and reasonably good Quality of Service. This course helps us to understand the Air Interface and how it is used most optimally for multiplexing number of users providing high data rates. The course also highlights the 3G Network Architecture and WCDMA concepts along with basics of HSPA.

UMTS Fundamentals

The UMTS network is currently being deployed and expanded by most of the operators and understanding the fundamentals helps the technical teams to efficiently plan and optimize their networks. This course gives a basic understanding of the concepts used in UMTS networks including its architecture, radio access technology, WCDMA concepts, protocols and procedures used in the network.

UTRAN Signaling

This course helps the participants to understand the UTRAN signaling basics which include the user plane & control plane protocol of various UMTS network interfaces. Also, the signaling over Air-interface is studied and analyzed.




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