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  Jaspreet Singh
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Packet Core Network Signalling

Program Overview

Signaling plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining the sessions of the user packet data. This course helps the participants to understand its significance in Packet Core network. The course also helps us understand various protocols which are used over different interfaces in the Packet Core network. This course also gives and insight to the Mobility Management and Session Management procedures.



  • Introduction to Packet Core Network (Interfaces & Protocols)
  • Introduction to Protocol Analyzer: WIRESHARK
  • Introduction to SS7 (Narrowband, Broadband & SIGTRAN)


Day 2:

  • Gb Interface (GERAN - SGSN)
  • Iu-PS Interface (UTRAN - SGSN)


Day 3:

  • Iu-PS Interface (UTRAN - SGSN)
  • Gr Interface (HLR - SGSN)


Day 4

  • DNS Messages
  • Gn Interface
  • Tracing MM/SM Procedures of 2G/3G Packet Core Network Calls
  • Roaming Messages


Day 5

  • DHCP & RADIUS Message Tracing
  • Tunnelled Message Tracing
  • Ge Interface (MSS - SGSN)
  • DIAMETER Credit Control Application Protocol
  • Direct Tunnel Signalling Messages

Who should attend?

Circuit & Packet switched experienced telecom professionals



Advance Telecom experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the significance of Signalling in Packet Core network of GSM/UTS/LTE
  • Understanding various Signalling protocols used over different PCN interfaces
  • Detail description of MM & SM procedures with the help of actual signalling traces



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